Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shortest Trip Ever to Columbia

Friday was not the greatest of days. Many people at my work were walked out after being laid off. Not only was that sad, but since they worked the morning shift they put in tickets and with the best possible customer service, promised to help user's with their issues. At 3pm when everyone else on the tech desk was leaving, I was left there to clean up the pieces of these tickets that were supposedly being worked.

Supposedly there's going to be another round of cuts. I still don't think I'm in danger, but it might be getting close to that danger zone. Most of the people not doing a great job have already been cut. Next tier is the people that do alright at their jobs.

Friday night Sallie and I took off to Columbia to help Lacy move. We got to Columbia and met our crew at Flatbranch and had dinner and a few beers. It was a great time. I forgot how much I miss that town and atmosphere. Even though you're infinitely more busy at school, you still feel less busy somehow. I guess because things are more flexible. You don't feel like going to class, no problem. Can't go to work, someone is always willing to cover.

Sallie and I walked around campus before we headed back to Lacy's house. It's weird, only a year and a half ago that was our school. The quad was torn up for the J-school construction. Brady commons was under construction for an expansion the students supposedly voted for. Dorms were being added in more or less every corner of the campus. It wasn't the most beautiful campus to say goodbye to.

Well, more or less everything is at least up. Things look beautiful again. I'm glad that my hiked tuition went to good... no scratch that... cosmetic use.

I loved seeing all the college kids again. Yes, I felt old as hell. Everyone on campus looked 5-10 years younger than me. (Even though most are only about 4) Some girls playfully (and drunkenly) splashed around in the fountain in dresses. Guys were playing softball in the dark on the quad. All the foreigners were at the library on Friday night, reading and learning. The campus, no matter how many years pass, remains frozen in the same state. I miss it. Energy fills you veins. Ideals, opinions, and freedom pulsate from your heart. The man, layoffs,debt, the economy has no place on campus. It is a different world.

The thing is though, once you leave the safety of the campus, you can't afford to go back. Student loans, credit cards, mortgages, family, real jobs keep you from passing through the portal to that realm. The scariest thing is, soon I won't have anyone to stay with in Columbia. One by one my friends are graduating. Somehow having a hotel room just isn't the same as crashing on your buddies floor.

I'll miss it...

We moved Lacy today. The whole ordeal only took maybe 45 minutes. In the shuffle Lacy was getting rid of things we quickly grabbed. I finally got a turntable, receiver, and about 40 or so albums. (Time will tell if any will play, they all looked a bit warped) Now I just have to get an amp and some speakers. I'm already concocting in my mind how I'm going to make this a surround sound situation for my tv too.