Monday, March 13, 2017

Catch Up Time

Damn, I don't remember feeling this tired and jet-legged even when leaving Europe. I know I was, but that's sort of the thing about feeling exhausted. You have this feeling of wanting to give in, climb into bed, and just never leave again.

Been a few weeks since I've had a blog so I figured I'd give a run down.

We went to True / False documentary film festival in Columbia March 2-6th.

This was the first festival in years that we would've seen any film they were showing.

Every year tends to have a trend, usually the hot topic from a year or two ago. So there was a large amount of films looking at the Black Lives Matter protests as well as the day in a police officers.

There were portraits of these "thugs" as so many people like to label them, spending time with their families, explaining to their small children why it's important that they stare down the guns of the National Guard night after night.

There was two years in the life of the LA Police Department where the officers were dealing with the worst humanity has to offer minute after minute and are expected to be perfect at all times.

I think my favorite line came from the Police Captain, "we as police officers rang up a huge bill in the past that we are still paying for. Every good thing we do pays a little off, but every bad thing we do adds years of debt."

Not every film was about Ferguson, but just about every film was about the struggles of a marginalized people.

We left the festival feeling politically re-charged, enough so to where I started a little mini-fight with a family member on Facebook.

We came home for a night, worked a ton, slept, packed our formal wear, then got in the car and drove up to Madison Wednesday the 8th for my company's holiday party.

I schmoozed hard, went out for drinks with my co-workers, and generally had a great time.

On Friday my department had an outing where we went to one of those Escape the Room scenarios. I choose the murder room where the story was we were knocked out while hiking and woke up in a warehouse with body parts everywhere. We had to get out before the murderer came back.

This required us to dig through garbage disposals, make human static electricity chains, and solve riddles. We failed as seen to the left.

That night was the holiday party at this huge concert hall.

The theme was medieval times. My CEO bought a suit of armor off Amazon, they hired sword fighters to break out into fights at random times, had jugglers, medieval themed games, and a medieval band.

Now this party had been talked about like a legend since I was hired. It's the night that the entire company goes bonkers nuts, drinks too much together, and stays out way too late. The company even pays for taxis home so that no one has to worry about it.

We had a blast. We got invited to the cool kids after party and partied some more. We got back to the hotel around 2 am, woke up at 8, got in the car and drove home where we directly went out for my brothers birthday, and then to a second birthday.

And then the moment we got home, Sal passed out on the couch.

She's feeling a little sick, I feel completely jet-legged. Really, just want to get through this week and get on a normal schedule again.