Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Childhood Embarrassment: Leather Jacket Edition

I hung out at a cool corner bar in downtown Madison tonight and there was this girl there that reminded me of this high-school girlfriend named Kristi I very briefly had.

She was a total rebound girl after Rebecca and I broke up.

Completely the opposite of the type of person I normally dated.

She was a cheerleader, was always decked head-to-toe in pink, had a super high-pitched valley girl voice. When dated for about 3 weeks and in that 3 weeks we went to three high-school football games, went to the mall specifically to go into Clair's Boutique looking for more pink crap roughly 5 times, and one time when I played Pearl Jam's Black in the car one time, she started looking around and exclaimed, "It's like in my brain or something."

Needless to say, we weren't meant for each other. (She also got pregnant by her next boyfriend about six months later... so bullet dodged?)

The reason I bring this up is because at this time, I was wearing a leather jacket my grandpa gave me. He got this leather jacket from Pepsi points. I inspected it and the only place I thought it said Pepsi was on the back tag which was hidden most the time. So I thought I was pulling off this Pepsi jacket like I was Fonzi or something.

Kristi thought it was really cool. It wasn't until we broke up where a guy that sort of hung around my group realized the buttons had the Pepsi logo and he thought it was the funniest thing.

This guy ruined the entire facade. He started calling me "The Pepsi Challenge" and eventually got others to join in.

Usually I'm not one to buckle at pressure like this, but I soon hung the Pepsi jacket in my closet, leaving it behind when I moved to college.

I need a new coat this year. I was considering a leather jacket. Maybe this time I get one fitted for me without the product placement on it.